• BS/MS in engineering field
  • 2+ years of project management experiences in early stage tech startup
  • Strong communication and documentation

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Organize bugs, feature requests and customer feedback, to help engineering team better understand product quality and priority.
  • Organize and manage complex projects that involves multiple teams and tight deadlines, to help engineering team coordinate resource, stay focused and execute efficiently.
  • Organize and manage external engineering contractor/vendor in terms of SOW, deliverables, invoice and payment.
  • Help implement high-level engineering process/efficiency improvement, including JIRA workflow setup, customer service desk setup, hiring portal setup, etc.

Nice to have:

  • Software/hardware engineering experience
  • Robotics/HRI experience
  • Manufacturing experience
  • UI/UX experience
  • Fluent Chinese/Japanese/Korean

About the job

You will be responsible for organizing and managing various engineering projects in a dynamic and fast-pace culture. We are building an ambitious product that involves R&D in different engineering fields, therefore there's a lot of cross-functional team collaboration and tight project deadlines. You are expected to learn and understand the interdependency of various engineering tasks, and help engineers plan better, keep track of progress, and ship high-quality product in time. You are expected to be highly organized and communicative, to help engineering team navigate constant overflow of bug reports and feature requirements, as well as to help executives understand the high-level resource, risk and efficiency.