Responsible for the entire mobile robot navigation pipeline, ranging from control, localization, mapping and path planning, all the way to high-level autonomous navigation decision making.


  • BS/MS in EE/CS and 4+ years of mobile robot industry experiences, or PhD in EE/CS and 2+ years of mobile robot industry experiences
  • Solid computer science fundmentals
  • Solid C++, Python coding

3+ of the following must-have experiences:

  • Mobile robot navigation stack
  • Mobile robot dynamics modeling and control
  • Kalman/particle filtering, sensor fusion, nonlinear state estimation
  • Path planning (A*, D*, RRT)
  • Trajectory optimization
  • SLAM+Localization

Nice-to-have experiences:

  • Octave/Matlab/Python data analysis
  • ROS navigation stack
  • 2D/3D camera and lidar perception pipeline
  • Multi-robot control and coordination
  • ML/DL as applied to mobile robotics