Bear Robotics is an ex-Googler startup based in Silicon Valley. We are creating solutions for the future of automated casual dining and disrupting the way restaurants are operated. Our product is an AI-driven autonomous robot that helps with the running and bussing roles in a restaurant. This is a big help to restaurant employees, who encounter a lot of physically demanding work.

A restaurant is a social place to enjoy with your family and friends. We are here to make the restaurant a better and safer place to work using robotics and AI. We want to enable robots to join our society as a key assistant to restaurant workers and customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are hiring passionate talent to disrupt the restaurant industry. If you want to dive into deep-tech and like to eat and drink, then Bear Robotics, Inc. is a perfect place for you.

  • Comprehensive Health Care Coverage

  • Internet and Phone Reimbursement

  • Remote Work Available

  • Free Lunch

  • Pet Friendly

  • Stock Options




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Atlanta, GA

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